Kids are home. routines are ruined. work needs to happen. how is this all going to work?
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Calm in Chaos-Thriving Amidst School Closure
A community for parents who want to enjoy The Time at home with their Kids

In early March, I wrote an article that went viral. It's called What to do with your kids when school is canceled

The response was so positive, that I decided to develop a program for parents who unexpectedly find themselves homeschooling.

I am a physician, relationship and intimacy expert, mother of 4... educational consultant to multiple schools and veteran homeschooler. I have been homeschooling for 10 years and I am going to help you through this crazy time. For a one-time payment of $27, I will provide live, in-person support every single weekday.  You can join me live, or leave me a question and come back later to find the answer. Participate as much or as little as you like because it's all about convenience and whatever works for you.

Where you can easily google "top homeschooling tips", this is in person, tailored-to-your-needs guidance from a highly respected teacher who has real life experience.

Whether it’s till the end of sheltering in place, or the end of the school year in June, I will support and inspire you, so you succeed with your family during this crisis!
  • No idea where to start?
  • Feeling like a failure already?
  • ​Wondering how your kids are going to recover from this time both emotionally and academically?
  • Feeling like you’re the rope in a game of tug of war between your children’s needs and figuring out how to get your work done and make everything work.
 I've got you. Really.

I have homeschooled my four kids while working 20 hours a week and have a lot of stories to share. I know what works and what doesn’t, and how to recognize the difference.
What is calm in the chaos?
These are intense times and we are all doing things we have never done before. I’ve created "Calm in Chaos-Thriving Amidst School Closures" for parents wanting to provide their children, and themselves, with a sane, loving experience.

Every weekday morning, on video, I will share tips and tools so you can make the most of this intense time. Every lesson will be followed by a Q and A so you receive support for your particular situation.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others in the community as we find innovative solutions while caring for our families in the current crisis.

when you enroll you'll get:
  • ​Input on how to resolve emotional challenges.
  • ​A supportive community for engaging with others in the same situation.
  • ​Access innovative solutions for caring for your family amidst the current crisis.
  • ​Peace of mind knowing you have some place to turn when you have a question.
  • ​Input on how to resolve emotional challenges.
  • ​Choose from many suggestions on how to support your child academically.
  • ​Inspiration to improve transitions with your children.
  • ​Strategies to attend to your adult responsibilities with your children underfoot.
  • ​Find the sweet spot in getting your own needs met while caring for your family.
Calm in Chaos-Thriving Amidst School Closure
A community for parents who want to enjoy The Time At home with their Kids
The Calm In chaos community will support you in:
  • Enjoying your children more.
  • Finding inner calm in this chaotic time.
  • ​Feeling sane and getting some time for yourself.
  • Improving your relationship with your partner and other family members. 
  • ​Getting a sense of progress and accomplishment despite the rest of the world feeling like it's at a stand still.  
Calm in Chaos-Thriving Amidst School Closure
A community for parents who want to enjoy The Time At home with their Kids
meet Alexandra Stockwell:
Alexandra is a physician turned relationship and intimacy expert. She is a mother of 4 and has been homeschooling for 10 years. 

She was a developmental and curriculum consultant for multiple schools and has led many workshops and study groups for parents. Her focus is building connected and happy families through facilitating healing and transformation for couples, by teaching them how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life.

In “Calm in Chaos” she brings her expertise as a physician, relationship coach, and homeschooling mother to support you in making this time nourishing for you and your family.
What People Say About Alexandra:
"Alexandra, thanks for all the coaching. You are the absolute Muhammad Ali of advocacy, elevation, and love."
Ben Emmert-Aronson
Psychologist and Founder of Open Source Wellness
"Alexandra shares information in a way that is truthful and unwavering, while simultaneously gentle and direct. She is an exceptional coach and human being."
Tricia Brouk
Director, Producer and Filmmaker
"Alexandra invited me to open my eyes to see the world in a new way. I went from seeing myself as a passenger of life, to the one who calls the shots ."
Jaquetta Jancewicz
COO Realignment Education Project
Calm in Chaos-Thriving Amidst School Closure
A community for parents who want to enjoy The Time At home with their Kids
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